Folders in Service Studio start page

By Martin den Braven on 8 Nov 2016

Possibility to create folders in Service Studio to group applications for a cleaner view and easier lookup of an application.

Kilian Hekhuis16 Nov 2016

I'd say applications are already a way to group functionality, you have so many apps you need to group them as well? Also, just Service Studio wouldn't cover it, you'd need to have this available in LifeTime as well.

As a last comment, the title is a bit misleading, I thought you were talking about folders like Action folders (which has been posed as an idea many times before).

Hi Kilian,

Yes, applications are a ay to group functionality. But we have multiple applications for multiple customers. So a customer folder would be very easy to group them. And also we have multiple shared items such as connectors for different ERP applications and it would clean up my service studio start page very much!

I've changed the title to be less misleading ;)

Kilian Hekhuis28 Nov 2016

Ok, I understand. That would indeed be useful. Liked.

Hi Martin,

I've created an application that allows you to create Application Groups, and also check dependencies and consumers between Groups:

Hope this helps.


It would be cool to be able to group applications based on architecture similar to Discovery app.  Then maybe the circular references could be included automatically on this screen.