Please add some meta data info of the projects in Service Studio

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In Service Studio, where we get the list of applications we are developing(Applications in Development), it just shows the icon,name, description of the application. I suggest to add timestamps of project creation.

Imagine how our file explorers would seem if they didn't give us the summary of metadata like, timestamp, size, type,path,etc.

It is that helpful.

Created on 17 Nov 2016
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Why do you need the project's creation time? Why is that important?

The metadata pointers that i mentioned are important to understand the project in "1st glance".  Its difficult to identify a project (quickly) just by looking at its name from 100 projects. It should at least show 'modules list' in the metadata, (without having to open the project.) 'Description' is something should be by default - datetime, size,type,modules list,etc.

Point is that it must be quick to open a project. Anything that you can do to make it fast. I have seen our seniors struggling to find projects, which very soon we will also face, even if its 30seconds.