Easily change from ShowRecord to EditRecord and Expression to Input field

On our radar

It would be great if one could easily change from an EditRecord widget to a ShowRecord, and vice-versa. This could happen at two levels:

1. Widget level:
  • From EditRecord to ShowRecord - all input fields are converted to expressions
  • From ShowRecord to EditRecord - all expressions are are converted to input field
2. Field level:
  • When using an EditRecord widget, each input field (selected by user) can be converted to an expression
  • When using a ShowRecord widget, it is converted to an EditRecord, and by default, all fields are still shown as expressions. The user can convert each expression into an input field
There could also be a feature like using the right mouse button to drag & drop entities or structures into EditRecords widgets and paste them as input fields (default) or expressions (like when you drag & drop a file in Windows using the right mouse button, you can choose whether you want to Move or Copy the file).

This is very usefull when you want users to edit only some fields, but you want to diaply additional read-only information.
Created on 24 Jun 2010
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4 years have passed........Outsystems team......give us this one....very usefull !!! ;)