Special webblock for inside tablerecords - by reference sublist

By J. on 8 Dec 2016


looking in the forum and my own experience often we encounter a situation where you need to have a dynamic-column tablerecords.

Workarounds are plenty, but biggest issue is you want to keep the masterdata together.


Input-parameter: List. that's it. nothing else, nothing more.

In the webblock you can place only:

- input-widgets and expressions and containers.

every change you do on that list is by reference, so the master-tablerecords will have those changes.

onchange-events is the same. if you need an alteration on the tablereciords, you still have the notify on the webblock

ListWebblock-onchange event

works the same, only know the current of both lists


no need for multiple complex notifies, save-buttons etc.

the page/webblock that holds the tablerecords has the save-action

you can have a bit more dynamic control of how many columns you want to have.

you now have a way to use a double-list in 1 go, without


none so far I can see.

perhaps some more restrictions on the special-webblock, but that's up to Outsystems :)

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