Filter in application list

By Luís Teixeira on 12 Dec 2016

In a companies where there are many applications, it is difficult to find what you want.

With the filter it becomes easier to do research.

Nuno Maurício13 Dec 2016

Hi Luís, 

Can you elaborate on what do you mean with this idea?

I was trying to understand it and I can found application search in IDE (2 places) and in Service Center.

Service Center: 

Service Studio 1:

Service Studio 2 (open from environment):

Let me know more on this, please.


Hi Nuno,

I had not noticed the top search, but the main idea was to make this interface like lifetime.

In lifetime when you deploy apps, you don´t see all  apps, just your.

If in service studio you have by default just our apps with possibility to change to see all, it is more ease to see and manager your apps.

In my companies we have a lot apps It's very complicated to find your all apps.

I did understand?