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on 12 Mar 2018

Please give a filter option to filter my Ideas. Looking for an idea I submitted months ago is very painful.

Brian Grewal

Created on 16 Dec 2016
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16 Dec 2016

Or give search capabilities.

16 Dec 2016

You can see all your ideas on your profile under Ideas.

17 Dec 2016

There are search capabilities... use the Search system (top right, the magnifying glass), then click the "Ideas" tab in the results to filter to just Ideas.

The number of times this comes up is a sign that the search system needs to be revised. :(


20 Dec 2016

Cough.. I'm with you on the search needing to be revised.


20 Dec 2016

This is already available and very easy.  Go to your profile and click the Ideas tab.  It will show all your ideas.

21 Dec 2016

Thanks Curt. 

12 Mar

Changed the status to Implemented

Hi team,

This idea was implemented with the new Community Ideas revamp

Hope you like it!

Ana Sequeira