Full App Scaffolding

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Scaffolding is awesome! And it would be even better if we could re-use all the already existing functionalities and make it even better!

My suggestion is that we could scaffold ALL the data model at once, creating a really quick prototype version or our apps. This would require some rules of its own, complementing the already existing ones.

How it could work:

  1. Have a "Group" property, in each Entity, to have the name of the group they belong to. This property would be editable even in referenced tables (ie: the "user" table could belong to different "Groups" in different eSpaces that reference it)
  2. Each "Group" would become a menu option
  3. All tables in a "Group" would be created as sub-menus
    1. This would require a new "Label" property do be added to Entities, just like it exists for entity attributes, this "Label" would be used as the sub-menu label
  4. Each "Group" would have its own Screen Flow, named after the group
  5. Default list and detail screens would be created for each table (using standard scaffolding rules)
  6. A new role would be created for each "Group", and automatically associated with all the screens in the flow and also menu options
  7. Entities with empty "Group" labels wouldn't be scaffolded.
  8. The process could be launched from and option in the sub-menu of the "Entities" folder, in the Data tab (rule: probably only if there are no screen flows created already)

This would provide us with the ultimate POC, Wireframing, Storyboarding, Mockup tool.


Created on 20 Dec 2016
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