Make System Metamodel REST Tables Public

Not right now

The system Metamodel REST tables are private, while the equivalent Web Reference tables have always been public. These tables can safely be set as public (and readonly):

  • REST_Web_Reference - Web_Reference is already public
  • REST_Expose - Web_Service is already public

Other system tables that could also be made public are:

  • Espace_Version_Icon - stores the Icon of the eSpace set in Service Studio
  • App_Version - stores the Application Version as tagged by Lifetime
  • App_Version_Module_Version - stores the tagged version Application definition


Created on 5 Jan 2017
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I've created an extension that allows access to these tables, among others more.

Extended Metamodel


I'd rather it be native than using a Forge component, which could break any time when installing a new platform version.

Changed the status to
Not right now

Hi Carlos,

Sorry for the late reply, but we are not planning on delivering this in the near future.

The investment to do this properly is too big for the return and for the upcoming new features that we have in mind. Because of this, I’m marking this idea as “not right now”.

Nonetheless, thank you very much for your idea and keep it coming.

If you believe we missed some context that would change our perception about it, please give us more details about why you would need this and for what is the use case.