LifeTime: Tag&Deploy revision version

By Carlos Henriques on 8 Jan 2017

LifeTime has great and time saving action to automatically tag and set to deploy an application.

But, this action as a problem...

We can set versions using the format Major.Minor.Revision, but Tag & Deploy only creates versions with format Major.Minor. Because of this I can't use Tag & Deploy most of the time and need to previously tag the applications or go through extra steps to do a Custom Deploy.

LifeTime could have a setting to set the default Tag & Deploy version format OR provide two actions, one for Tag & Deploy a Minor version and other to Tag & Deploy a Revision.

Rebecca Hall12 Jan 2017

We are always having to manually tag applications because we don't have option for the minor version.

When it would also be possible to also add an minor/revision description it would be great to have it at this place. Would save some time indeed.