Native apps crash errors logging

By Niels Favreau on 11 Jan

I got a case recently where the native applications on mobile phones where crashing when sending the app to the background.
With the following error : "Mobile app has stopped working"

In service center no logs where created since it was not an error produced by the code.
After a while we discovered an Outsystems class was bottlenecking a class from our cordova plugin which crashed with the error described above.

This was the root cause:

The cordova plugin implements a custom Android application class for handling app lifecycle events
but what we saw from the crash log: so does the outsystems platform.
note: you can have only one Android application class defined for your app and the outsystems one takes precedence in this case
(probably is even instantiated on a different level than the cordova plugin one which is integrated via a Cordova build-time hook)

We had to figure it out ourselves what the error was by using "LogCat stacktrace". Service center doesn't provide us those kind of logs, and it would be nice to have them. Since we can not find the root cause of the error with service center.


Hi Niels,

This is a great idea! Today the way to do it is to use another plugin to trap native app crashes. You have two in the Forge that have free plans and that you can use for this purpose. Google Analytics Plugin and Fabric Plugin (previously known as Crashalytics)