Lifetime - Ability to create multiple plans / schedule plans to publish

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It would be helpful to be able to create multiple plans and schedule when they are being published or add them to a publishing queue.  

Our company has a large number of applications and we are running into the situation where we have so many applications its taking a long time to publish.  If we can split up the applications being published and schedule it to run in off-hours it would improve performance. 

Another case is we have multiple developers trying to publish to the same environment. Sometimes we forget to go back so the QA spends time waiting for all of the changes to be published for testing.

Created on 12 Jan 2017
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Would it be an option to arrange this with automatic deploys (http://www.outsystems.com/forge/component/1970/automatic-deployment/)? This option is now available from version 10.0.405.0.

Think it's a hard one because of the dependencies that can be there between the difference modules.

Don't really understand that last one regarding forget to go back with QA and changes published for testing?

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Automatic deployments could help.  We are still planning our version 10 upgrade.  The last one is because after rolling back changes on our Test environment, we forget to republish the newer versions so it delays testing for our QA.

Ah on that way, what would be the reason of rolling back changes on the test environment and not development, deploying to test? On that way the test environment wouldn't have the outdated references or republishes needed.

But can imagine that also be hard since there is already less time deploying from dev to test....

We have a large number of applications (40+) and sometimes when our core components change, it requires us to update references to publish to production.  So we backtrack changes on our test environment back to production with the reference udpates and to some quick testing to make sure everything is still working.  We don't want to roll back our ongoing development changes.

Do you have an acpt environment? In that case it wouldn't always be needed to republish the consumers on the test environment, this will be done by lifetime when delievery to acpt. The reference on test will be updated when you deploy from dev to test or when you've upgraded to version 10.0.405.0 schedule all solution publish for the night

We have been unable to publish all the espaces because of the number of applications we have. It times out if we do all of them. 

Ah, that can be a real problem then...

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It should be possible to schedule a deploy in Life Time app

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