Don't change/lose focus when 1CP completes a step

By Justin James on 21 Jan 2017

This is like the most obnoxious behavior in the world... you click 1CP, and get back to work on something else... but every time 1CP completes a step, whatever you are doing loses the cursor so you are typing into thin air... put the cursor back, go back to work, same thing happens... just keep focus wherever it is when 1CP completes a step.   


Doug_inVA22 Jan 2017

Or refresh references or open an espace - literally anything will steal your mouse!

J.23 Jan 2017

yes please.

Kilian Hekhuis26 Jan 2017

Yeah, but that's not a new feature, it's a bugfix. There's so many focus issues with SS I don't even know where to begin, all originating from the SS UI rewrite in 9.0 (I think). Like the focus stealing from other apps (why Windows even allows this I don't know, but really...). Or the fact that if you connect to a different environment, the new instance of SS doesn't get the focus. And so on and so forth...