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Recently i came across a situation where i need to have Tenant specific Date format (Tenant UK , US, INDIA) but because there is only one date format can be defined on service center and is common for all , so i handled it through code and change the calendar format based on tenants by getting it from db and also while showing it in labels.

Can we have this feature in Service Center to define date format against each tenants and than let the platform handle it automatically once a user logged in based on his tenant id.



Created on 22 Jan 2017
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The way you implemented it is really the best way. Why? Because your tenants don't have access to Service Center to change it. As soon as you go multi-tenant, putting configuration in Service Center for anything other than critical systems operations (like the URLs to Web Services) becomes a really bad idea. Even Site Properties become a lot less useful, because of how updating Site Properties affects caching.