SOAP / methods: only count used methods as an AO

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In this forum entry I described my problem with a SOAP webservice: https://www.outsystems.com/forums/discussion/21378/integration-soap-api-number-of-application-objects/

This webservice results in over 100 methods of which I only use 3. It's an external WSDL my app consumes, maintained by our CRM application provider. OutSystems counts ALL methods as an AO, thus resulting in a 'very expensive' integration.

Wouldn't it be more fair if OutSystems only counts the used methods generated out of the consumed WSDL? I guess Service Center should be able to determine the number of methods used, because also Service Studio can tell if and where a method is used.

Created on 24 Jan 2017
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There'd be functional problems with this. Because e.g. like you described in your post, strutures are also involved. Do you need SS to be so smart that it can know the structure is created for a not-used SOAP reference? What to do with other structures that you define by hand but don't use? Etc.