[Service Studio] Warning for empty preparation or action

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If a screen preparation or a action is empty (Start and End object only) generate a warning

Created on 31 Jan 2017
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TODO: Implement logic

That will work for new developments. Now I'm working on a project developed on a very old Outsystems version and I find on several screens with empty preparation, a warning will help to identify these situations.

not sure why it would be a warning?

if you have  a simple try-ctach, will it also show a warning?

if you have a assign with notjing in it, will it also show a warning?

I prefer Matthias way and in hindsight you will notice pages will not work.

(regression tests is your friend)


Can you, please, say why would this be important?

The Preparation is created by the developer and so... If I am creating a Preparation, I should have plans for it. 

Why a warning or something like that would be important in this case?

Best regards.

On Outsystems very old versions screen preparation were always created. If you are doing maintenance to a project developed with a very old Outsystems version all screens have preparation, but some of them are empty. A warning will help to do maintenance on these situations.

Seems to me that a one-time audit of the system should fix that for applications that are super old, and modern applications don't have the Prep auto-created so it's less of an issue.

I think what I'm trying to say is that this seems to be a fairly narrow concern.


Indeed, I agree with Justin. Even if there are a couple hundred screens, you could check them all in an afternoon.