Separete apps on Service Studio by teams created by Life time

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The Ideia here is when we set x applications that were made by a specific team on Life Time I would like to see on my Service Studio by default my team apps and be able to expand all apps from my company.

Created on 1 Feb 2017
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The application list is useful for Personals and small factories, but when you start to have functionality related groups and factory wide components, then an alphabetically ordered list of cards is not enough.


  • The list needs to be performant, scrolling through 600 apps is not good
  • Card like alphabetically ordered list is not intuitive, we are not reading the apps (left to right, then down), we're searching


  • Grouping of related apps (e.g. 3 apps are serving one digital property, other 3 are for another one)
  • Toggle between cards and list like interface (maybe)
  • Visual indicators of which apps you're allowed to change and which you're allowed to reuse
  • Add a canvas like organization (to help know when you're changing core business or frontend layers of the factory)
    • This should be valid at an factory level (applications); 
    • but also at an application leve (modules)
  • Visual indicators when a component has a new version on the forge