Hide parameters in URL

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Make it possible to send input parameters to a web screen without making them visible in the browser URL.

Created on 2 Feb 2017
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Thanks for the tip, I didn't know this method and I'll take a look.

But my ideia is having option on a web screen to hide the input parameters, not showing them in the browser url.

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Yes, change the method on the link to reach the page to "submit" instead of "navigate" and it will do a POST and hide the parameters.


Hi guys.

This is my situation, We have two environments, Develop and Testing.

All links has the method "Submit".

In the development environment the parameters are hidden, 

but in the other envronment they are visible.

How do I solve this problem?

The submit method does not work for me when coming from a menusubitem to a detail screen... 

The submit method is also a false sense of security, it will hide the url for most common users but someone who knows how to use the browser dev tools can iterate through other URL ids...

First of all the logic in screen preparation should check if the user has the permission to view that page.  For example using check role functions.  

Second you could encode the URL to prevent people from guessing just in case the security logic is not set properly as additional security. And this is what I see this idea helping with.
It would be useful to have a standard feature to enable encrypted (random) URLs as a setting on the web screen rather than logic. It is possible to do this using system action 'GenerateGuid'... but again you have to build the logic for it.