Local testing environment, publishing wastes a lot of time

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Please establish a local testing environment where I can develop and test locally and only upload when I am ready to.

I am a contractor developing for clients. I have to login to the client's VPN and use Virtual Machines they provided on which I installed the environment for them.

I develop in Service Studio on my local PC with the environment on the Development VM, so each time I publish something to see if it works it writes it to this VM in the client's VPN and then I can test. 

The client's VPN is extremely slow plus sometimes it is so bad that it disconnects frequently. They are looking into the problem, but I am not positive that this will change soon.

Whenever I have an issue where I need to regularly publish a change I made (for example when I struggle with something that does not want to work and I have to try various ideas out) to the code to check if it works I waste hours in the day waiting for the publish (literally hours, I have timed it). This singular fact of wasting so much time is for me a complete downfall for OutSystems.

If I was able to quickly test small changes locally without being dependent on a bad network setup because I have to publish to a VM in another VPN or cloud environment in order to test a change, it would have helped greatly. The worst is the larger the application becomes the slower it becomes to publish and one has to start breaking it up into smaller modules that is constantly requiring being refreshed because it is now out of date with the others, more publishing and more time wasted.

Created on 6 Feb 2017
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Why don't you just install a copy on your PC (or in a VM, or on AWS) and have the client issue you a development license?


Typically customers have a 3 + 1 (lifetime) environment especially if they are running on the Outsystems PaaS.

This does not allow for a delivery team or developer to have a local installation on-site or on their machine.

The issue of not being able to develop off-line has been around since the beginning of the platform I guess which is something I think that most developers have incorporated into their workflow.

Having said that, it would be great if there was an option to have a local instance on your machine to improve development speed. 

The two big questions that come to mind with regards to this is are the IPP challenge and the stack challenge.

Don't forget the merge issues. when solo-developer it's fine, but multiple developers means merge-issues.

Doesn't matter if it's git/vss/outsystems.

Yeah... if there is only one developer... a local installation in a situation like this makes sense. If there is more than one developer, it is a disaster.

One thing I always liked about OutSystems was that it dumped the things about version control like branching that make collaborations a disaster. People think this is a loss, I say it is a benefit. Never had that pre-deployment scramble to find out why code won't merge right...


I agree that being able to test locally would be a great plus for the platform. Publishing to a remote server, where more developers are working on simultaneously, takes "a lot of time". 

If we want rapid application development, we need to reduce the amount of wasted time and I do think that a lot of time gets wasted while waiting for the deployment to a remote server to complete. This waste gets even more pronounceable if we need to develop based upon small changes. 

Merge problems could be addressed by making sure that no two developers are working on the same screens / web blocks / actions at the same time. I would suggest to merge changes frequently to the server but not "too" frequently. It is all about minimising the amount of wasted time in the whole.