Have different "ball" colors depending on the type of action it is

On our radar
For example, have referenced web services in blue, permission actions in red, entity actions in green, etc.
It would facilitate the semantic reading of code. However it could look like a rainbow or something weirder.
it could just be a small icon overlapped, which would identify the type of action.
Created on 24 Jun 2010
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I agree with the icon part, not no sure about coloring...
I'm with Fernando - it would be nice to have different icons.
King of old but.... you can now change the icons of your action right in SS so, I guess this is done :)
We're keeping this idea open (not yet done) because, from what I understand, this is not just about the developer being able to choose his icon, but instead the platform giving some kind of semantic to each language element / icon based on what it does. E.g. I would see actions that have impact in data (e.g. Create/update/delete) being different from actions that just read data.

The Platform is already doing this for some elements (e.g. consuming a REST API already inherits the favicon of the service) and you can define icons at module or function level in producers, so that consumers already get those "semantics". But, to consider it Done, I still think we can move some further steps beyond that.

difefrent icons for public/private, function/action would be immensly helpful.

but on the other hand, it should not become a disco-environment.