Support for Wearable Devices (Android Wear, watchOS)

On our radar

As time goes on, the wearable device market is starting to grow. While the growth rate is modest, wearable devices are inevitably going to become an important aspect of the mobile ecosystem. Allowing OutSystems developers to target these new devices will push the apps developed with OutSystems to new heights of functionality and UX excellence.

For both Apple and Google platforms, watch apps are built within regular phone apps, allowing powerful functionality within the phone app and easy access to app information and interactions through the wearable app. This approach of targeting separate hardware platforms from the same project/codebase is one of OutSystems strengths. It makes sense to continue this strategy and integrate more devices as the market evolves.

There are other wearable platforms out there, but obviously it's a case of diminishing returns. I think supporting the "big two" is more than enough. Can always re-evaluate and course correct down the road, if necessary.

Created on 9 Feb 2017
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