Search for Post with no Replies

By João C. Coelho on 10 Feb 2017

It should be possible to search for posts on the community (Forums and Ideas) without any replies.

Curt Raddatz10 Feb 2017

This is already available for the Forums.  Click the 'Unanswered' tab at the top.

João C. Coelho13 Feb 2017

But that only returns all the unanswered posts no distinction. 

It would be useful to select an option on the search to return all results on the search i submitted.

Curt Raddatz15 Feb 2017

Maybe I'm missing something.  The primary reason for searching in the community is to find answers, IMHO, so looking for posts with no answers is very counter-intuitive.  Can you describe how this type of selection would be useful? 

So its more a search to your own posts?