"Check All" in the merge window

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When there are many differences and I should keep most of the original version, I have a very time-consuming job of ticking most checkboxes on the left side of the merge window (see screenshot below).

Please add a "Check All" option to both sides.

Created on 16 Feb 2017
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Awesome Idea!

Not to mention an "Uncheck all". Often I want to merge only one little thing, and I have to be very careful not to leave a checkmark somewhere.

Just like the new (P10) "Refresh All" for references...

Check/uncheck should be the same option, but yes would be a good one

Usage: I have this huge application and I just need to merge 2 static entities so I can publish, but I have to check 100+ entities to keep the old code.  They my computer crashes in between and I have to recheck again to merge.  Very time consuming.  A select all would help immensely.