Focus on the first input in an Edit page

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Every user hopes that whenever they open a web page the top-first input available is focused.

At least on "scafolded" web screens it would be very simple to implement, but with an UX improvement with a huge value for the end-user

Created on 17 Feb 2017
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For scafolded I can see the advantage

and how to deal with it when it's an edit for existing data? Then it would be strange to set it in the first field (if its filled) or will it be the first empty field. Hard to say (-:

What is the problem on focusing in the first field, even if it is filled? I don't see any...


When the field is already filled with data and other fields are not, I can imagine an user can find this  'strange'. But that would be from my point of view.

Because of the difference rules (by project) I would say: let the developers decide it, but for new record it would be an improvement since a lot of developers don't think about things like this.

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