Improve built-in forms client validations

By João Melo on 17 Feb 2017

Today the built-in client validations are very simple, they just validate mandatory fields, or incoerence in some data types.

It would great if there were some kind of more advanced validations to be executed on client side.

The main benefit should be performance improvement.

What kind of validations are you talking about?

João Melo23 Feb 2017

For example, min and max dates and integers, conditional obligatoriness, that as, all kinds of client validation that wouldn't need anot web request.

I know it'doesn't be quite easy to implement in Javascript (for a Javascript speaker), but a native and standardized approach would be very good.

J.23 Feb 2017

I approve.

yet who defines what should be standard and what should be still custom made ?

Also positive validation should be easy to make as well.

You ve got my vote (-: