[BPT] A complete refactoring of BPT seeking performance improvements

On our radar

It's known that there are some performance issues regarding BPT. Even though it is a really interesting feature, we tend to avoid when developing a large scale system.

- The impact analysis is tremendously slow and impacts the overall application
- Besides that, the activities suspensions are very anoying
- The metadata is very heavy even for the most simple processes
- At least on Oracle, there concurrency issues

The idea of having a BPMS fully integrated with Outsystems capabilities is very interesting. So why not having a champion solution?

Created on 17 Feb 2017
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Agreed. this needs a big overhaul.

take the lessons learned from it and redesign it from scratch.

To this day I only use it rarely and if I use it, it's just for small stuff (like basic insert-triggers)