New column "Only Visible in Service Studio" in translations

By Alex. on 19 Feb 2017

A simple new column with ordenation and/or filter, will turn more easy the nightmare of translations :)

UPDATED: I notice that the filter is working...

Thanks in advance,


J.19 Feb 2017

imho they should not be translatable at all.. even though we can search for it and set "don't translate"

Pedro Cardoso19 Feb 2017

Hello guys,

I don't know which version you're using, but the latest two patches for version 10 don't have this elements translatable. 


Kilian Hekhuis20 Feb 2017


I'm on 10.0.303.0, and they still appear in the Translation list. As J says, they shouldn't appear there at all!

Alex.20 Feb 2017

Hi again,

I use the 9.1 Bali.

But I'm glad to know that they are improving translations in versions 10



Kilian Hekhuis20 Feb 2017

I just installed 405, and it seems they're gone there! So I guess we can set this one to "Done".

J.20 Feb 2017

no, we are on 9.1 :P

Pedro Cardoso26 Feb 2017

Hello Kilian, my bad. It was on the last patch indeed. I'll mark this as done...