Confirmation before publish in production from Service Studio

By Tiago Bojikian da Costa Vital on 1 Mar 2017

The idea is always you are connected in a production environment from Service Studio and try publish anything, Service Studio show a confirmation to continue. Maybe the idea could be a simple changing of the "1 - Click Publish" button to be more evident you are connected in production envrionment.

It is to avoid users connected in production environment by mistake publishing things in this environment.

Service Studio stores the last host you had connected and sometime the user could connect in production by mistake thinking it be the development environment.

J.1 Mar 2017

Well, tbh, normal users should not be allowed to publish directly on production!


I agree, but the platform allows it. In some emergency or just to publish a simple change somebody prefer do it using Studio instead of publish the eSpace from Service Center or Lifetime. Sometime you can't publish all the eSpace, need only solve a problem. 

Justin James2 Mar 2017

Similar in spirit to:

Virtually identical to:


And yes, J. is right about the permissions... but as the "one person with permission to publish directly to PROD" I've messed this up myself MORE THAN ONCE!

The problem is that Studio re-connects to the last environment you connected to, so after a hot patch to PROD, the next time you open Studio it connets to PROD, you forget that you are in PROD and not DEV, and start working... oops...


In earlier version this wasn't possible if the 'production mode' was set in service center, so you first had to set the server mode to 'development' before able to publish to the server. Service Studio also didn't allowed the publish when the server was on 'production mode'.

somewhere this option was removed....