Allow restarting of (deployment) service on personal environment

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Please allow in a personal environment the different outsystems services to be restarted through lifetime. Or at least the deployment service. I've seen numerous topics about this on the forum, and I assume support has better things to do then to restart services on people's personal environments. 

Created on 14 Mar 2017
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I had to wait an entire week (= exactly 1 week + 10 mins !) for a response from support that my deployment service was up and running again. (It was down the whole time)

I know this is a shared resource, but what harm is there in restarting the deployment service if it is down anyway. And all the functionality is already there, because the function is available on enterprice cloud environments.

The deployment service is a Windows service afaik, so restarting it (other than via Windows) may not be trivial?

If you have an enterprise cloud environment, the button is there. On personal environments, the functionality is hidden. So they already have the code to do it, it's just a matter of showing the button on personal environments.

I've made an extension with some very simple .NET code to do it, but I get an "access denied" when I try to execute it. The user on the application pool just doesn't have the rights to stop/start services, which makes perfect sense. But it was worth the try.

Merged this idea with 'Ability to restart personal cloud services just as you can restart the enterprise' (created on 2016-11-18 13:34:21 by Alexandre Costa)

Ability to restart personal cloud services just as you can restart the enterprise. This would prevent support when a service stops. The user himself could restart it.

Merged from 'Ability to restart personal cloud services just as you can restart the enterprise' (idea created on 2016-11-18 13:34:21 by Alexandre Costa), on 2018-04-18 09:20:18 by Paulo Costa


Alexandre and Tim, we have plans to look at the Personals and make some improvements. One of them is figuring out how to allow users to "restart" their personal environment. 

Here's the catch: because of the architectural differences between the Personals and the Enterprise offers we cannot use the same code/method to restart services. 

In fact, the personals work in a completely different infrastructure setup. When one Personal gets unavailable it rarely is because of the services itself but instead is usually some issue within the associated Application Pool. What this means is that you shouldn't expect a "restart services" but some other kind of "restart" that makes your personal responsive again.

We will look at how we can improve the self-service on the Personals and at the same time try to improve the resilience of it and we're pointing this work to start in Q3.

Feel free to reach me with questions about this.

btw, Tim, I'm glad that extension of yours didn't work! ;)

Paulo Costa,

2018 Q3 is long gone, and as far as I can see the limitation still exists (I'm having this issue right now)

Will there be a change?

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