Add a function that manage role and the screen authority

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We want a function that manage role and the screen authority of the user application.
As for the present conditions, authority management information with role is maintained in each user application,There is not the centralized management function.


We must manage the authority of each user application in order to comply with internal control.
The periodical (by every month or every year system) authority inventory is necessary.
If the authority management information is dispersed to each application,it is difficult to manage.
Therefore, I need a centralized management function.

Created on 21 Mar 2017
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21 Mar 2017

That sounds like an application design problem. You should be using the Users application and keep that as your "User Provider". If you want to dynamically assign roles to screens, you could add a call in every screen's preparation to check a DB of roles that should allow access to that page and throw an exception if they don't have access, then mark each page as "Anonymous" access.