Add Version 10 option without installing SSL certificate

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OutSystems Version 10 requires the installation of the SSL certification.
But We want to use it without installing SSL certificate.  
Therefore, We want an installation option to be SSL installation-free.

Created on 21 Mar 2017
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Hi wwzo wwzo,

OutSystems took a conscious decision to enforce the installation of SSL certificates, as this approach allows us to get the best security levels for OutSystem deployments. 

In our experience more and more customers are choosing security when facing this type of trade-offs between proper security and the flexibility to take shortcuts. In this respect, I would say we are aligning with industry momentum.

We have no plans to revert this decision.

Despite this, it would be interesting to understand better your perspective about the inconvenience that you find with the installation of SSL certificates. Maybe someone can suggest alternative approaches to your current procedures based on that information.


we offload SSL to a load balancer, so have no need for SSL on the web server.

i would think that's a really good reason.

Hi Robert,

Yes, offloading SSL to a load balancer is a supported scenario but it may require additional configuration, as some URLs generated by the OutSystems platform may be prefixed with either http: or https:.

OutSystems Support will probably be able to help you that configuration.


Changed the status to
Not right now

Like João Santos said, we have no plans revert the decision of enforce the installation of SSL certificates.

However, we continue to have in our mindset, to impose the least requirements and configurations as possible to run the platform and applications.

For version 10, we will not do any changes regarding this topic.