Allow computed columns within Database model

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Computed columns are fairly standard across databases yet it seems like the only way to replicate that functionality with OutSystems is to create an Aggregate and add computed columns from there.

This would not be a terribly high priority issue since there is a workaround but support for computed columns within the model would allow for computed fields to be directly accessible from the data model without the need for an Aggregate sitting on top of it.

Ideally this would work for both simple computed columns and for those referencing scalar database functions.

Created on 23 Mar 2017
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This would be great thing to have!

For some reason I am convinced that this is a duplicate request but I can't find a duplicate anywhere. Weird!


It is a duplicate! https://www.outsystems.com/ideas/1605/calculated-data-type-for-entity-attributes

This would save so much copy/paste and time changing formatted and concatenated data and simple calculations in variable assignments. We'd use this ALL the time!