Base URL for consumed REST services configurable at runtime

By Adrian on 24 Mar 2017

The Base URL for consumed REST services should be configurable at runtime:

In some cases (like the JIRA Cloud REST api), the base URL of the web services varies according to the account used to access them. Since the URL is hard-coded in Service Studio (it can be overridden in ServiceCenter but the setting applies to all users accessing the REST api), there is currently no way to configure this based on the tenant being used or the user that logs in. 

André Vieira27 Mar 2017

Hi Adrian,

You can use the OnBeforeRequest to change the Base URL.

Ricardo Silva29 Mar 2017

Even though the way I found for it to be dependent on an input variable feels like "cheating", it isn't that hard to achieve.

You can send the desired URL in a custom request header, then in the OnBeforeRequest action you can check for that header and change the URL based on the value.

Even though having it be simpler (or clearer) would be nice.