Name in JSON for REST structure attributes configurable at runtime

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Some REST API providers (like JIRA Cloud for example) use dynamic attributes in the JSON data. These are in the case of JIRA Cloud linked to mandatory "custom" attributes related to objects like Epic and Story. The JSON name for these attributes varies in function of the JIRA Cloud environment instance, making it impossible to configure a REST service using the API once for different environments. 

In the example above, the Structure Attribute EpicName is named customfield_10002 for one environment and has a different sequence number for another cloud instance of their service. 

It would be helpful to have the Name in JSON configurable via an expression instead of being hard coded.

Created on 24 Mar 2017
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Is it possible to send us a documentation link for the API?

As a workaround you can replace the names in the JSON in the request/response using the OnBeforeRequest/OnAfterResponse callbacks.