Local storage - Allow to create indexes

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Currently Local storage only allows one index: the primary key auto generated by the database. If you need to store a larger amount of data you can start to have performance issues, because there's no way to create indexes to optimize the searches.

Created on 29 Mar 2017
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I'm pretty sure the local storage is not meant for larger amounts of data. I'm not even sure it supports multiple indexes?

It's based on sqlite, so it does support multiple indexes.

I realy need this in outsystem. We using a large offline database and without indexes the access is too slow.    I tested on emulated app version that genarates an accessible sqlite db and created indexes manually and the diference is huge. But this is not possible in android app. Please "Outsystems" treat this seriously.   It seems very easy for you implement this. Sqlite do all the job. It only needs to create the specification. 

Probably is a good option  to have