Support for JSON data type column

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It would be really useful if we could have JSON type columns supported in the database

Created on 31 Mar 2017
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Hi Hanno,

Can you elaborate on the use case? Please add as much detail as you can so that we can understand the underlying problem that would require this. Thanks!

Hi André

We are referring to the SQL 2016 functionality, where one would be able to use for example the JSONVALUE() function of SQL to query a column storing JSON text.

Hanno, how are you storing the JSON now? Are you just storing it in a 'text' type? 

Also, is there any library that can decompose a JSON string? 

Sorry for the 'noob' question, very new to Outsystems.

Hi David

Yes, we are storing it straight up as text type.

You can use the JSONDeserialize component to convert JSON to any OutSystems object

Hey guys, any update on this matter?

Right now, we are storing our JSON as binary data on the database, because we do not know the size of the JSON as it depends a lot on what structure will be created.

Because of that, we can't query parameters, as it's not possible to query binary data.

Any help here would be great!