Editable Table Pagination

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I would really like to see pagination support added to editable table. The editable table is way better than clicking an edit button every time to edit a row, and programmatically having to add a switch and a second control for each editable column. Now if I have more than 20 rows in a table the editable table becomes too large on screen.

Created on 31 Mar 2017
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Hey Wilko, did anyone ever get back to you on this?  I would really love to have this as an option.


Chris Woodruff

imho editable-table is not suited for many records.

we are not recreating excel i hope :)

A common request from users is to have an excel like table to be used for editting.

The reason for this is that it is so fast to edit multiple records, take a look: https://editor.datatables.net/examples/extensions/excel.html

I tried inplementing this for outsystems and it worked for a bit, the problem is that datatables is client based and outsystems refuses to acknowledge any changes done on the client only.

So the fallback would be to use editable datatables, but without pagination/list navigation, when you try to load 100+ rows you are in for a good time (and a long one at that).