[Solution Pack tool] New Solution Extractor

By Robert Chanphakeo on 29 Jun 2010
Include a new feature in "Solution Pack tool" to extract the eSpace(s) and extension(s) from a solution package file without having to publish the solution.

Note: there are many times when you would need to first manually upgrade or modify a solution before its published.
João Rosado29 Jun 2010
The Solution Pack Tool always had that feature.
Select the OSP file and then click the "Extract..." button on the right.
Rodrigo Castelo29 Jun 2010
Hi Robert,

You can do that already. Double click any osp file to open the Solution Pack Tool, press the "Extract" button, and select a folder to extract the eSpaces and Extensions to.

Pedro Oliveira30 Jun 2010
This already supported by the Solution Pack tool.
Thank you
Paulo Tavares15 Jul 2010
Already Done.