Swap two actions in a flow

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It would be pretty great if we could select two actions in a flow, and then right-click and select "swap", the two actions would change position with each other. It would be more convenient than having to disconnect one of the actions and re-add it to the flow either before or after the second action.

Created on 5 Apr 2017
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Hi Hanno,

Do you do this a lot?

I'm not seeing a lot of people adopting this accelerator and having this use case very often.


Hi Vasco

At the time the idea came up I believe we were working on some flows where this feature would have assisted quite a bit.

However, I cannot recall any instances in the past couple of months where I wished for this.

I think it is more a nice-to-have than an accelerator. Also, in hindsight, there are scenarios where this would not necessarily work well, i.e. when an assign follows an action and that assign uses the output of the action.

Yap, that's something I was thinking about!

Thanks for your idea anyway, keep them coming ;)

Changed the status to
Not right now

Something that wouldn't be commonly used and wouldn't work in several scenarios