ListAppendAll with start index and count

By Kilian Hekhuis on 6 Apr 2017

I'd like the ListAppendAll to have a start index and count so it's possible to copy only a part of a list.

Nuno Maurício7 Apr 2017

Hi Killian, 

Shouldn't this suggestion be made to "ListAppend" instead of "ListAppendAll"?
As the name suggests, "ListAppendAll" will append all elements from one list to another.


Kilian Hekhuis7 Apr 2017

ListAppend takes a single record or structure as input. ListAppendAll already takes a (record) list as input.

Yes, yes, yes :-)

It can be named: ListApendSome :-)

And a version with conditional appending (a combination of ListFilter and ListAppendAll).



Kilian Hekhuis16 Dec 2017

ListFilter already creates a new list, so it's not very useful to combine it with a ListAppendAll, I think. But if the index or rownumber was available as a parameter to filter on, ListFilter could be used as well (with a filter of "RowNumber > 5 and RowNumber  < 10", for example).