ListAppendAll with start index and count

By Kilian Hekhuis on 6 Apr

I'd like the ListAppendAll to have a start index and count so it's possible to copy only a part of a list.

Hi Killian, 

Shouldn't this suggestion be made to "ListAppend" instead of "ListAppendAll"?
As the name suggests, "ListAppendAll" will append all elements from one list to another.


ListAppend takes a single record or structure as input. ListAppendAll already takes a (record) list as input.

Tomasz M. Lipinski16 Dec (16 hours ago)

Yes, yes, yes :-)

It can be named: ListApendSome :-)

And a version with conditional appending (a combination of ListFilter and ListAppendAll).



Kilian Hekhuis16 Dec (13 hours ago)

ListFilter already creates a new list, so it's not very useful to combine it with a ListAppendAll, I think. But if the index or rownumber was available as a parameter to filter on, ListFilter could be used as well (with a filter of "RowNumber > 5 and RowNumber  < 10", for example).