Allow prominent and capable forum users to assist in resolving bugs and implementing ideas

By Hanno on 7 Apr 2017

This might be a bit idealistic...

What if forum members, based on strict screening criteria from OutSystems, could be allowed access to source code and assist in resolving bugs, or even adding features. There are passionate community members that wouldn't mind investing time and effort to contribute to the quality product that OutSystems is building.

Obviously source code submissions would have to be moderated etc., but perhaps the turnaround time on bugs etc could be brought down significantly?

Any comments/critique welcome   

Remco Dekkinga8 Apr 2017

Something like citizen development on the OS Platform, you mean?

Curt Raddatz10 Apr 2017

While I applaud the idea, it is idealistic and unrealistic.  It would take so much effort for Outsystems just verifying changes submitted by people outside their company that this would be impractical.  Imagine someone makes a change with a bug in it and it got into a delivered product.  This would be a support nightmare.  Not to mention potentially having all their proprietary code out there.  You can write all the non-disclosure agreements you want but the risks are too great IMHO.


I completely agree with Curt, and I don't believe it would be a good idea to have casual contributors changing the platform source code.

But I think this could work on closed components / OutSystems-owned forge components. For example, the RichWidgets could have some community-driven process to incorporate changes to it. Same thing with SilkUI, Users backoffice, ECT/EPA...