Give the user a warning when the Source List of an Editable Table is not being used inside itself

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This is a generic error that is returned on the Service Center, indicating the presence of something like a Null Identifier.

During the development of a project this error was returned with the display of an Internal Error in the browser, and was very difficult for me and my team to identify why this error was being returned. This error was returned due to not being used any value of the source list of an Editable Table inside the same Editable Table.

When the developer uses an input inside a Table Records that refers to a variable outside the Table Records is given a warning to the User. Something like: "Coherence Suggestion

The variable of the Combo Box inside the ... Table Records is not bound to the widget's List variable.".

My idea would be either changing the error returned in the Service Center or providing a warning to prevent the usage of an Editable Table without referring to any value of it's own Source List.

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João Santos

Created on 11 Apr 2017
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