CodeEditor/web viewer to help the implementation of external (html,css and js) code

By Julio Almeida on 20 Apr 2017

the service studio already have an editor that recognizes the changes of the code, for example when changing the color for a web block, he will change immediately. that doesn't happen when you import external code. for example, if you take an graph with all the three components(html, css, and js) you will not be able to see the result on the service studio. If you are like me, you will spend plenty of time just trying to implement this code working on the service studio.

possible Solution: Implementation of an web block that can run the code(as a code editor). there are many sites where you can write, compile and see the result on the same website.

would be great to have this just to see if the code just runs correctly without the need of deploy.

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