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By Danny Prager on 1 May 2017

On the right hand side of the screen in service studio you find the tabs Processes, Interface, Logic and Data. Almost all items in those tabs can be extended. This makes this list cluttered and makes me scroll to find the things I’m looking for. A button [Collapse all] would be nice and save me some valuable annoying scrolling time.

André Vieira2 May 2017

Hi Danny,

Sort of a hidden feature :( but if you use Ctrl when you click the [-] on the tree that branch will actually cascade collapse or expand. I know it is not exactly what you have posted here but I thought it would help you.

Danny Prager3 May 2017

Hi Andre, 

That seems to do the trick. I'll leave the idear up hear if anyone searched for it, they will find your comment as well.

Thank you for the info.

Vincent Colpa13 Sep 2017

Hello, thought this was not implemented but now i see it is.

Its really hidden, people wont remember to try for example to click on "Main" with Ctrl pressed to collapse all the webscreens, webblocks, actions and preparations.

It should be simplier to find for example also when you left-click with the mouse on one of the screens it should have the option Collapse/Expand All and giving the suggestion there of Ctrl

Nice one anyway