Omit single placeholder in widget tree

By leonardo.fernandes on 5 May 2017

Lots of widgets are simply a web block with a single placeholder. You use the widget, and can compose its contents inside of a placeholder. A few examples of widgets from SilkUI that work like that:

  • Accordion
  • Alert
  • Balloon
  • Box
  • TooltipContainer
  • InputWithIcons
  • Search
  • ToggleButton
  • Gallery

That's only in SilkUI. We end up creating countless business-specific widgets like those:

Instead of having the placeholder be the child of the web block, Service Studio could place the content directly as children of the web block. This would be simply for displaying purposes on the tree (and maybe on the widget selector that sits above the TrueChange pane).

Also dragging content inside the web block would simply behave as if dragging inside the placeholder. Here's how it would look:

Not being able explicitly select the placeholder wouldn't be a problem because the placeholder has no user-changeable properties.

It seems that the images weren't correctly uploaded, so here they are.

Widget tree as it behaves right now:

My proposal:

João Melo13 May 2017