Group variables and actions on Web Screens

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Well, the title says it all.

I mean, having it organized in folders like in the Logic tab would be great.

Created on 9 May 2017
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I agree this would indeed make a difference.

When you have a web screen with a lot of variables you have to scroll quite a way before reaching the screen actions. At a minimum have 3 predefined folders, i.e. Param_Input, Param_Output, Var_Local


I agree it should be able to be collapsed.

However, It's not wise to have many variables in the first place.

@Hanno, Not sure if I understand those folder-names, care to enlighten it a bit more?

Output-params in a webscreen?

Input-params are the ones with an arrow?

and local-vars should be kept to a minimum and/or set locally in a screen-action.


Output params not applicable to web screens, but actions rather. Even in screen actions, the local variables should be groupable/collapsible.

You are making me think about this now quite a bit. I will have to check to use case on the particular web screen and revisit the implementation.

If the use case demands a large number of local variables, would you recommend we consolidate all the variables into a structure rather than have the individual variables?