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In mobile, it is possible to use a client action of a screen inside another client action of the same screen.

It would be very useful to have this feature in Web development (specially when the screen has several actions and they all end up in refreshing a significant amout of data)...

Created on 10 May 2017
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This can be achieved with the help of Event System component. You are able to expose an event, that will call a screen action when invoked. And you are able to invoke it from other screen actions.

Check its documentation here (or download a sample here).

Love this idea. Used Leonardo's component, but finding it very strange this is not standard provided via Studio.

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Screen actions reuse


An action that interacts with elements of the screen, selecting combos or marking checboxes, often needs to be called at various times, and ends up being necessary to duplicate these logics.

If there were screen actions that could be reused, such as server actions, it would be a great gain in productivity.

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