Mobile - New events to allow interaction on device with automatic eSpace update

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To improve the mobile framework I consider interesting to add two additional events on "Logic - Cliente Actions" which allows gatter information and interacts with the automatic update processo that is fired after an eSpace publication.

The two new events may be:

  • An event to occurr before the update process and that results to a boolean named "allow". If its value has been setted to "true", it would allow an update, and if it has been setted to "false", would not.
  • An event to occurr at the end of the upgrade process. It could indicate the eSpaces and versions that were updated and if the update succeeded or failed.

The reason for both suggestions is to give to developer more control and information about the version of eSpaces that are installed on Android device or iOS.

Best regards.

Created on 16 May 2017
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Hi Juliano,

Just to better understand your suggestion. Why do you want that control? What type of things are you trying to do?


Vasco Pessanha