Espaces should be fake enumerables

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Just like Roles and Resources are treated as enumerations within Studio, referenced Espaces should as well.


Created on 20 May 2017
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Hi Justin, do you mean something like "References.RichWidgets"? What value would you expect it to have?

Paulo -

Yes, correct.

I work in a TON of codebases that do a lot of programming against the meta model, that need to do things like dynamically look up espaces, entities, attributes, etc. The reason is that the code is a base "product" provided by one team, and then the product is implemented/extended with add-on espaces by the services team. So the base "product" code may NOT change, but it needs to be aware of things happening in those additional espaces, and the additional espaces need to constantly do things with base product, without calling directly into them.

As a result, I'm constantly writing code that needs to pull an Espace ID... I've got a number of ways to set this in configuration (like a "when published" timer that shoved it into a site property, or a call in each espace that returns GetOwnerEspaceIdentifier()) but it would be nice to just be able to treat them like I can treat Roles or Resources.