LifeTime perfomance: Show the performance of webservice calls in the analytics module

By Evert van der Zalm on 8 Jun 2017


In the analytics module of lifetime I can only see the performance from screen calls. It would be nice if webservice calls (SOAP and REST) would also be added here.

We have a lot of services that are called by another (frontend)application, it would be nice if the performance of these services can also be viewed in the analytics module of lifetime. The data is available (because I can retrieve it trough the analytics reports in service center) so would be nice if it can also be seen in LifeTime.

Kind regards,

Pedro Cardoso9 Jun 2017

Do you mean webservices that are exposed by your modules?

Yes those indeed. I think these services must be  treated  on the same way as a screen

Daniel Martins12 Jun 2017

Indeed! With so many SOA/Services architectures, this completely make sense!